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March, 2016

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How will you create?

“Am I going to create this moment from my past or am I going to create it from the insight I receive about its potential?”


, of course you all create from the past at this point because who you are, what clothes you have in the closet are clothes you already bought, the food you have in the cupboards are the food you already bought. The way you have your hair is the way that the hair grew out of your head yesterday. So you are creating your current moment from the past.

But what we see happening and the shift that is available to you is that you’re starting to know that by drawing the line in the sand about your thoughts and opening to insight you’re actually able to create from this moment and then moving out from this creation more than simply reconfiguring the past into another experience. That starts to give you a lot more influence in the physical structures in your life, your body and even instantaneous manifestation kind of stuff, which you’ve always been so keen about.

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In this series, we gather questions on specific topics. Eloheim’s answers are available to watch ON DEMAND or by download.


Our sixth session was on Animals. Eloheim answered 24 questions in this 55 minute talk.


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View the questions answered on this page.


Eloheim on Relationship
Our fifth session was on Relationship. Eloheim answered 15 questions in this 49 minute talk.


Price: $14.99
View the questions on this page


Our fourth session was on the Body. Eloheim answered 20 questions in this 64 minute talk.


Price: $14.99
View the questions on this page


Our third session was on Guilt and Shame. Eloheim answered 16 questions in this 40 minute talk.


Price: $14.99
View the questions on this page


Our second session was on Money. Eloheim answered 16 questions in this 58 minute talk.


Price: $14.99
View the questions and place your order on this page


Our first session was on Fear. We received questions from all over the world and Eloheim answered 21 of them in this 52 minute talk.


Price: $14.99
View the questions on this page


Veronica interviewed by Les Jensen

Same show on YouTube if that’s easier for you

Blog Talk Radio Interview with host Les Jensen
March 16, 2016
The Simple and Eloquent Teachings of Eloheim through Veronica Torres

During this second great interview of the day, Les was full of interesting questions, first, for Veronica and later, for Eloheim.

Veronica explains to Les that Eloheim teaches us how to move out of our self-imposed limitations into our full potential, with the help of the simple tools Eloheim has devised over more than a decade of teachings. Veronica says the teachings show us how to be in the “now” moment in a positive and healthy manner.

Les: How have the teachings touched you

, Veronica? Why do you call them “they?” What do you think about all this, ie time and space, puppy dogs, and radios shows (said with tongue-in-cheek humor)?

At this point, Eloheim gave a brief and loving message to the listeners, declaring they are so impressed by us all. Coming to Earth, they said, is a very intense experience that requires bravery. Eloheim described their work with humanity, “That you create your reality through how you choose to react to the moment you’re in.” Is your reaction conscious or habitual? That is the perfect time to use the tools.

Here are some the many questions Eloheim answered for Les:

When you look at humanity, do you notice an enormous amount of change?
What about the media, politics, and fear, how can we be positive?
How do you see the collective unfolding, time-wise?
Eloheim, are you here for many generations? What did you sign up for?
Who is your ideal client?
What would you tell humanity as a whole at this time?

Don’t miss this replay, it’s a fascinating listen with new information for everyone!

Veronica Interviewed by Robert Sharpe

Same show loaded to YouTube if that’s easier for you.

Blog Talk Radio interview with host Robert Sharpe
March 16, 2016
The Choice for Consciousness

What, you say, another interview? Crazy, right? But fun! Veronica’s on a roll right now! This was an easy and informative interview to listen to, so head on over and check it out.

Veronica started out the interview explaining the process of channeling, acknowledging that it is considered “out of the norm,” but that it had been done since biblical times. She also shared a rarely-told tale of her past journey to Eloheim. Veronica then answered questions from the host: Who is Eloheim? How do we get insight from our own nonphysical guidance similar to what Veronica does? How did Veronica begin channeling? Was she afraid? Did she lack trust in them at first? Why does Veronica call them “they?”

Veronica told the story of how each of the other six Council members, unexpectedly and one by one, came to join the meetings with Eloheim. The Council is made up of the Guardians, the Visionaries, Eloheim, the Girls, the Warrior, and the Matriarch, and each has a different focus and a different manner of teaching. They all came to help us because they love and admire humans and desire to teach us how to live consciously using the tools that Eloheim, and sometimes the others, create to break our habitual responses.

Eloheim then joined the broadcast with an important message for the listeners. “The idea that you create your reality is not to be used to be mean to yourself!” In fact, we have only one rule, Don’t be mean to yourself!

Eloheim Interview on Money and More

Healthylife radio interview with host Jean Adrienne
Veronica Torres and Eloheim

After Jean and Veronica shared the typical background information about Veronica’s journey with Eloheim, the conversation was steered towards the numerous Eloheim tools. These tools were created by Eloheim over many sessions when the need arose (and new ones continue to be added as needed) to help our human family live conscious, inspired, and emotionally healthy lives.

The host zeroed in on one of Veronica and Eloheim’s books, Unraveling Your Money Mysteries: How to Stop Blocking Abundance, and expressed interest in those types of tools, saying that money is a topic that lays quite heavily on most people’s minds.

Veronica said Eloheim teaches us to begin asking ourselves, what are our underlying feelings about money, where do our beliefs and feelings about money come from, and then, how can we change them? One good way to shine light on our money issues is to practice Eloheim’s “Money on the Counter” tool. Veronica also suggested using their money mantra, “I am in financial flow and money comes to me in infinite ways” while, at the same time, noticing all the ways in which abundance does come to us.

Eloheim joined the conversation following the money discussion, and the host asked them about the fear that is currently running rampant around the world on many issues, especially in the US during this political season. Eloheim’s answer was uplifting, inspiring, and reassuring, and that answer alone is worth the time listening to this interview.

Along the way, Eloheim explained how everyone is “just fixing their fears” and how and when we set boundaries with other people.

To close the show, the host asked Eloheim for a few more tools with which to leave the audience, so they shared a super useful tool that hasn’t been discussed in previous shows called, “Using ‘I’ Statements,” as well as a few others like, “I’m Tempted To…,” “What is True Now,” and then ended the talk with a brief “Fear or Fascination” discussion.

This was a show with a lot of really helpful tools and some great Eloheim wisdom on the world in it that you won’t want to miss.

cfc package cropped

Eloheim is best known for their dozens of easy-to-apply tools that offer life-changing support for personal transformation.

The Choice for Consciousness: Tools for Consciousness Living series offers step-by-step tools to show you how to break unhealthy habits and discard victim mentality so that you can fully embrace the truth of the statement, “I CREATE MY REALITY!”

Volume one of the series contains 22 tools which help you recognize where you are experiencing victim hood. With that awareness, you can begin to live as a creator.

Volume two’s
16 tools help you to live as a creator of your life by illuminating your relationship to the moment. This will empower you to create the life you have always dreamed of.

Volume three includes 15 tools to help you learn to fully take responsibility for your reactions to your creations thus living the life of a creator. The tools fall into four categories: • Readiness for change • Managing your energy • Seeing things a new way • New relationship to money


ebook contains all three Choice for Consciousness books and 90 minute BONUS video of Eloheim explaining the tools


Price: $5.00

CFC 1-3 print

All three of our paperback Choice for Consciousness books

$30 including shipping (in the US, outside of the US, please email veronica@rontor.com for a shipping quote)

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Eloheim Tools

Eloheim Tools  

Card Deck, 53 cards one for each tool in our three Choice for Consciousness books

US shipping is $4. International shipping is $13.

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Sharing Sunday – Mellie Rose Test

Today’s Sharing Sunday is from Mellie RoseTest. I have watched with awe and respect as Mellie has completely transformed her life while learning to walk her truth. Thanks for sharing!


My journey with the Eloheim teachings began the year I was pregnant with my son. Honestly, I don’t remember how I found them, but I do know that, having been laid off from my corporate job when they found out I was pregnant, I had a LOT of free time on my hands. And being unemployed and pregnant and single, I was kind of depressed. Talk about a crossroads!

While I was pregnant, I took my dogs for walks. A LOT. I went hiking in the woods. A LOT. And I played the E recordings over and over. Something began to click.

That was the year when the Council began to appear, one by one. And I looked forward to each and every recording. The teachings resonated with me. The practicality was refreshing. And I felt like I wasn’t so alone.

A couple years later, I finally had my first core emotion session. From there, I started joining the monthly Q&A calls, then joined the monthly membership plan, began having individual sessions on a somewhat regular basis, and was invited into the Retreat Community. There have been rougher periods where I’ve withdrawn, yet I feel so much comfort knowing that not just V & E, but the COMMUNITY is always there for me. (By the way, I was able to attend my first in-person retreat last year, and I INSTANTLY felt like I’d known these people my entire life! That’s the power of the connection here!)

Veronica and Eloheim have kept me company the entire time. I’ve felt “different” my entire life, had tried so many different healing modalities (even becoming a practitioner myself), had followed the Law of Attraction and every meditation and visualization I could get my hands on. But so many of them were abstract. They didn’t help me move forward in the 3D world.

The TOOLS drew me in. The tools and E’s straightforward, here’s-how-to-use-it-in-your-daily-life approach to progressing forward on my own spiritual journey. Where spirituality is PART of life. Not separate or hidden from it.

With the E teachings, I’ve never felt like I was being asked to follow someone else’s path. My path is my own, and I’ve felt so SEEN and supported along the way. Although I still occasionally slip into victimhood, I credit V & E for the continual prodding to make different CHOICES. To choose a different perspective.

I’m a totally different person now than I was just a year ago – and don’t even recognize who I was 7 years ago when I first found V&E.

Two of the biggest concepts that I refer back to again and again are “Don’t be mean to yourself,” and the concept of being an energetic leader. Giving myself permission to be gentle and not beat myself up for “missteps” as I’m continuing to learn and refine my application of the teachings. And finally becoming confident to step out and set an example. To step out and SHARE what I’ve learned with others. Which is something I’d NEVER have believed I could do. Me? Be an example? Be an inspiration? ME?!?!

Yet in the last year, I began to step out and step up. I created THREE of my own oracle decks, daring to make public my own wisdom and art. I created a COURSE to teach others how to create their own oracle decks, from concept to design and artwork through creating files and self-publishing. Stepping forward as a TEACHER and a LEADER. I’ve begun creating VIDEOS to teach others about intuitive art, to encourage them to play more and be in the moment more and be gentle with themselves more. I’ve created and self-published an adorable and inspirational COLORING BOOK. With V&E and the community by my side, I’ve been stepping out more and more. Daring to be seen.

In the last month, I began a daily email to a small group of women whom I’d selected as my audience. I’ve since begun publishing each email as a blog post. For me, this is the biggest step so far into “energetic leadership.” I’m sharing wisdom, downloadable energetic art, healings, how-to videos… I’m sharing ME. And I’d never have dared to do that without the support of V&E.

Would you like to join me in my journey? Would you like some daily inspiration, like reminders to “Just Be and Shine?” http://magicwithmellie.com/…/37,20…/march-7-just-be-to-shine. Come and play on the “Claim Your Magic” Daily Inspiration Blog as I continue to share what I learn!

And my growing library of intuitive art and logo and oracle deck design courses can be found here: http://magic-with-mellie.teachable.com/

Sneak Peek inside DISCOVERING YOU

Are you “drained from doing too much”? Are you trying to answer the question, “What am I here to do?” Do you feel trapped and confused by your life? Are you wondering how you can take care of yourself AND meet your responsibilities?

Kay was feeling the same way when she contacted Eloheim for a private session. Eloheim’s answers to Kay’s inquiries are so powerful and apply to so many different life situations, I knew before the session was even finished that they had to be offered in book form.

Follow along as Eloheim offers Kay a new, empowering perspective. Eloheim’s insights include 12 tools specifically tailored to help Kay (and you!) discover “What is true now?” and how to use that truth to live more fully.

From Kay:

“Eloheim is a straight-talking, humorous resource for my soul and for any and all who feel lost within themselves. I was questioning within my being who I am as an essence, and my place in this world; this session helped guide me to the important spark of light and influence that I emanate….! ( As opposed to the sometimes random feeling of being just another cog in the wheels of life.)

Eloheim as channeled through Veronica helped point my feet in the right direction.

The information here while simple in its wisdom had a profound effect on me claiming my birthright as a divine co-creator of my wildest dreams!!”

Order ebook or paperback on Amazon by clicking here

Powerful Conference Call Replays


Two information packed conference calls with Eloheim & Veronica!

Nearly three hours of audio.
Listen on demand or download to your device.

Learn how Veronica’s life was transformed by Eloheim’s clarity and countless tools that empower us all to choose how we want to interact with life. In this Q and A format, Eloheim helps to identify the underlying energetics of each caller’s situation and offers actionable ways to shift the energy and create change. Topics include physical symptoms and body reactions, setting boundaries, job dissatisfaction, opening to insight, the compulsion to be an “information gatherer”, dealing with strong triggers, and much more.

Learn to walk step by step into a life you love using Eloheim’s tools for personal transformation.


Price: $14.99

Eloheim Teaches Levels 1-4

Learn How To Create Your Reality

Eloheim Conference Call

A discussion of the Levels of Creating using the card deck. Watch the video if you can as there is a slide show. The morning began with news that Fi had died. She was one of our UK Eloheimers. It threw my preparations for the call off and left me in a reflective place as the call began.

This reflective place led to a fascinating review and exploration of the Levels teaching.

Eloheim was surprisingly emotional during the discussion of Level 3.

It was a powerful reminder of how important the Levels teaching is.

You can order the card deck here.

70 minute audio/video
Watch on demand or download to your device


Price: $14.99

How To Clear Mind Clutter


Eloheim deftly proves that spiritual evolution and spreadsheets are not incompatible by maneuvering about on a computer spreadsheet for the very first time during this conference call!

The focus of this call was on how to clear mind clutter. It’s no secret that we humans have busy, busy minds, minds full of thoughts about the things we have to do, want to do, didn’t do, and past memories. These thoughts keep insight from being accessible according to Eloheim, and so they are teaching us to sink into the moment in order to allow insight to show up.

To that end, Eloheim offers this practical visual to consider: picture trying to sign your name with 25 pencils. It’s highly unlikely it would be easy or readable! Or even doable! But when you choose one pencil, it’s much simpler to write your name.

Eloheim explains the process of clearing our mind clutter through the unexpected and fun use of a spreadsheet. This new tool will help us break down the thoughts in our minds into smaller, more manageable pieces, thereby making it possible to take actionable steps.

For those who are unfamiliar with this term, an actionable step can be described as doing anything, from noticeable to something very small like getting out a piece of paper, in order to move forward. It’s important not to think the step has to be something you consider huge or remarkable! The actionable step is simply one that you hold the focus on long enough to change it.

Eloheim’s spreadsheet tool will help you pick a pencil. In other words, this process walks you through the steps to narrow down and choose which of the hundreds of thoughts spinning around in your mind on which to focus. Then you will find clarity about what actionable step to take in this current moment.

Ready to pick your pencil?

Your order includes the audio/video of Eloheim’s presentation, the spreadsheet Eloheim crated, and a blank spreadsheet for your own use.


Price: $14.99



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