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March, 2016

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Sneak Peek Saturday – Birth of The Council



Veronica has channeled since 2002. During that time, she worked almost exclusively with Eloheim. Beginning in June, 2009 she started channeling additional groups to form what eventually became known as The Council. This process unfolded over a 56-week period. This series of seven books documents the arrival of The Council and details their teachings during this time. Each Birth of The Council book can stand alone, but taken together will allow the reader to follow along with the formation of The Council as well as the progression of the teachings including the introduction, in-depth explanation, and evolution of The Council’s tools.



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Be The Change Replay

Are you Acting Like a Victim or Are You living as a Creator? How to tell the difference. With Veronica Torres and Eloheim

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The host, Keli Meagher, begins the show with a bit of information about Veronica and Eloheim’s background. As Keli was curious about what channeling really was, Veronica explained the fascinating process, disabusing everyone of the notion that it has anything to do with being “possessed.”

Both Veronica and Eloheim talk about the main topic of the show, how to recognize the habit to slide into victimhood and the “I suck” feeling. They discussed many of their tools that help humans live from a more empowered state. Eloheim explains that the tools give us practical ways to interrupt habitual patterns and form new neural pathways, pathways out of victimhood and into self-empowerment.

Eloheim says, “We’re here to help you reach your potential.”

Callers had questions about physical body symptoms, financial concerns, and boundary issues to which Eloheim replied with super helpful advice regarding re-languaging, equal signs, and using your words.

As usual, this was a wonderful call filled with tips and tools from the Eloheim body of work. For those new to the work, and even for those who have followed with Eloheim for awhile now, this was a call not to miss.


February, 2016

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Happy Healthy You Interview

Listen to my interview with Connie


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Sharing Sunday – Dorothy

Dorothy’s Journey With Eloheim

About 7 years ago, I was doing what I usually did in my spare time, which was read or listen to the spiritual teachers that I was searching out on YouTube. I love Kryon, Abraham, Bashar, Wayne Dyer, and many more. Some I still pay attention to, many have dropped off my radar since then. So, I was on YouTube, listening to a teaching when one of Eloheim’s videos came up in the suggestions. Okay, that topic sounds interesting. So I clicked. And was hooked.

In the late 90’s, I had what I call an awakening. At that point, my life was not going the way I wanted it to go and I didn’t know how or if I could change anything about it. One day, I watched an Oprah show, who was at the beginning of her spiritual teacher phase, and I sat in my chair and cried as I heard the truths spoken out loud. I hadn’t cried in years. I felt broken open.

My heart had heard the call.

I started reading every book I could find on evolution and ascension, beginning with one certain author. When I ran across a different spiritual author, I was just as fascinated and checked out their teachings. I moved from one book to another, one teacher to another, devouring one concept after another in rapid succession as well as leaving some behind that didn’t resonate with me. I was learning so much about myself. Life began to make sense. Step by step I grew.

It took me a year, but I finally figured out how to meditate and calm down this busy mind of mine. I found and practiced different ways to heal my emotional wounds. I found online mentors and spiritual teachers and groups who expanded my understanding of what life really is about. I had sessions with spiritual healers. I found a love of nature’s wisdom, crystals, tarot and symbolism. Still, I was looking for something. That all led me to that day when I found Eloheim’s teachings.

What is most important to me is my continuing, evolving relationship with myself. Life gets better and better when I evolve. And then I can share that evolved self with others. I like myself more and that has spread out into my world. I like everybody else better, too! To do that, I connect with Eloheim. They teach in a way that deeply resonates with me. They give me practical tools that help me live as a happy, healthy human being yet maintain a balance with my spiritual self. And holy cow, are they ever hilarious!

My ongoing private sessions with Eloheim means they know me intimately and can see my progress. My very first private session with Eloheim was a Core Emotion session over five years ago. I was a nervous wreck, what would they see in me? I thought. What if I just sound stupid? What if I can’t talk at all? I don’t even know what I’m doing! That truly was a mind-blowing and mind-expanding hour! I cried and laughed. The truth and the love always does that to me. I learned so much about myself in that initial hour that I have walked around since that time, understanding exactly when and why the unhealed core emotion of mine was asking for attention.

Something I finally learned with Eloheim is that of taking full responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions. In other words, I accept that I create the life I have. And then I choose to not beat myself up for those things I don’t like, instead I choose to learn and grow from my experiences. I have let go of blaming everyone else for how things have turned out in my life when I let go of my prized victim mentality. It’s clear to me that everything in my life is here because I put it here, attracted it here, and keep it here. It is clear to me that I am the creator of my own life. And what a difference that has made in how I live!

I continue to schedule sessions with Eloheim just for check-ins and fill ups, and I listen to every online meeting, as well as attend retreats – which are amazing by the way, you meet some of the coolest people there with zero agenda except kindness, support, and evolution. The very first time I met Eloheim in person, I almost backed out as I waited my turn. It was all I could do not to run away, but they have become my friends who care about me and I love talking to them. At times I have cried buckets at a session, but usually I just need some clarity on a subject. Their words to me a year ago during a check-in session were, “My god, you’re a different woman!” That was very sweet to hear because I have worked long and hard on myself. To have my growth validated by a nonphysical energy, a being I love and respect, and who loves me unconditionally despite knowing me inside and out is amazing.

I am a completely different person than ten years ago, five years ago, two years ago. Yet I often feel like I have simply rediscovered the me I was as a young child, the me I hid and buried and wore masks to cover up with for various reasons of survival. With their ability to see under the mud and masks, Eloheim has helped me free the real me. I have learned to stand in the truth of me. Along the way, I have had to let go of those who preferred me to stay quiet and on the preprogrammed path. I can’t do that anymore. And Eloheim has helped me find my courage and confidence to get to this point.

Eloheim tells us, we are your friends, not your bosses, and not your authority figures. We may have been charged with the creation of this universe but we are not above you in any way. We walk beside you. We are your equals and we know you as a soul emanation. We are here to support you as you live a human life, and we want to help you evolve out of Homo sapiens into Homo spiritus, a blending of your soul with your physical self so both aspects live in partnership on this planet. Eloheim’s commitment to us shows during every single meeting and every single session. I come away with new resolve, new thoughts, new ahas, and new ideas to integrate, as well as practical tools to use every time.

There are teachers who will resonate with each one of us. And when we find the one that speaks to our soul, then it’s time to listen. And you know it when you find it. Just like I did with the very first Eloheim video I “happened” to view on YouTube six years ago.

Thank you for sharing! It’s wonderful to be on this journey with Eloheim with you!
Dorothy’s blog is https://lifeheartandsoulblog.wordpress.com/

Eloheim and Veronica Interviewed by Solarzar

Good Vibrations Radio Interview with Solarzar on Radio Monterey

The broadcast began with the host, Solarzar, asking Veronica to share the intriguing story of how she became the channel for Eloheim. After which, Solarzar expressed his amazement regarding Veronica and Eloheim’s book, “Discovering You.” This book was written after a private session with Eloheim and is the only private session shared publicly and with permission from the person getting the session. The host revealed that this was the first channeled book he had ever enjoyed. He feels the message of the book is easy to understand, adaptable to anyone, and that he didn’t have to search for the meaning. In other words, he loved it!

Eloheim then joined the talk, and Solarzar asked Eloheim for a message for his listening audience. Eloheim responded by first noting that the audience drawn to this show had already done a lot of work on themselves. Eloheim suggested that the folks listening not be discouraged by an apparent lack of progress or evolution and to look for small changes, both in themselves and in the outside world. Even the smallest of changes are important to note, for they are markers of evolution. Eloheim offered a few of their simple and practical tools to help with this endeavor: “What is in your lap?” “Red hat” and “Look out the window.”

Questions asked during the interview:

What would you like to see us humans pay more attention to?
Regarding the question of “Who answers the door?” tool, who do we really want to answer the door?
Can you talk about victimhood and being human?
What about the community who wears rose-colored glasses?
A caller asked how to not be triggered while in chronic pain.

Veronica returned to the interview to chat about the many ways to interact with Eloheim and Veronica which includes their website, books, private sessions, the facebook group, and Eloheim’s regular monthly broadcasts.

Solarzar then asked Veronica a final question, “How has channeling Eloheim changed your life?” Briefly, the fascinating answer to that was that fear no longer runs her life.

More than seven of Eloheim’s tools were shared during this interview, including “Who answers the door?” “The current version of you,” “Step by step,” and finally, the number one and only rule Eloheim has ever made, “You don’t get to be mean to yourself.”



53 of Eloheim’s amazing tools for personal transformation


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About Eloheim:

Eloheim has been with us since the beginning. They were tasked by the creator to provide an opportunity for Souls to incarnate into a free-will zone. Our beautiful planet is that place. We have come to the point in our spiritual development where we are ready to make the jump to Homo spiritus. Homo spiritus is a state of bliss that exists outside of duality and allows us to access the full potential of being human; a brand new way to live on Earth.

The journey to Homo spiritus starts with transforming your relationship to yourself and others. Eloheim specializes in reading the underlying energetics in any situation. Once they have that clarity, they create an easy-to-apply tool that can quickly shift blockages. This book is a collection of those tools developed over the last 13+ years. Using the tools you can make powerful changes right now. Changes that last!

Eloheim’s practical tools for conscious living will empower you to transform your life, and bring the highest version of you into each interaction.

Working the tools give me a ‘handle’ on every aspect of life..from triggers to joy. Recently I’ve worked an Eloheim tool and found my way through layers of frustration to my sense of adventure. Who knew the rapids could be so fun? With tools in my belt I navigate ‘each moment’. I feel a sense of purpose, ability, skill, pride and moments of pure bliss…ahhhh.

Look Inside Our Book CFC2

It’s Saturday so we have a sneak peek into our book The Choice for Conscious, Tools for Conscious Living, Vol. 2
From the Introduction and continued from last Saturday’s sneak peek:

Sometimes the gift is not that obvious. Like when you:
Spill the orange juice

That’s why it matters what you do when the ice cream or the orange juice or the milk spills on the kitchen floor even if no one sees you. It matters because you’re emanating a new vibration into the planet and if you handle that consciously, what is this teaching me, balanced, neutral, it matters you
You reach in the fridge, you’re distracted, you grab the orange juice, it slips out of your hands and splash. There it is all over the kitchen floor. And the immediate reaction is probably, “you dummy now what or I don’t have time for this” or a variety of responses of those natures. Ask instead, “What is this teaching me?” It has to be a shift in paradigm from this is happening to me into this happening for me. The dropping of the orange juice is happening for me to learn something. It’s not happening to me to make my life harder. So why is this happening for me rather than why is this happening to me? Many people go why is this happening to me? Okay, well just change it, why is this happening for me? What do I get to learn? What do I get to see? What’s next? What’s new? How can I have a different experience with this than I have had in the past.

Because you know what it’s going to feel like to get all ticked off at yourself for dropping the orange juice. You’ve already learned that side. Did it give you bliss? No. So that’s our standard here. Did it give you bliss? No. Okay, so now let’s try something else and see if that leads to bliss and the something else in this case it’s why is this happening for me? What’s it revealing? What is it teaching me? And if you’re upset, frustrated, feeling stupid, hearing negative talk in your ear from your mind or hearing negative talk from the people who live in the house with you, it’s teaching you that you’re allowing yourself to be a victim because there’s a boundary there. I dropped the orange juice. This doesn’t give you the right to rag on me. Sorry. There’s a boundary right there. Did I throw the orange juice at you? No. I dropped it. That’s all that happened.

That’s all that happened, yet in many cases it’s as though a criminal act has taken place. Either you think you are a bad guy for doing it or someone in your house thinks you’re a bad guy for doing it, or your mom or your schoolteacher voice or your dad voice saying you’re an idiot for doing it. And those are the voices. Who is answering why did this happen for me? Is it your soul or is it people from your past or authority figures or x, y, z person who lives in your house and are you giving them permission to say those things to you? Either the school teacher, the parent, the husband, the wife, the boss now that you’re going to be late, you know? Are you giving them permission to say to you that you suck? And most of the time you give people permission to say those things to you because you’re saying it to yourself. So are you talking nasty to yourself?

Don’t talk nasty to yourself. It’s off the list. It’s not allowed. It’s just not allowed. It is not part of your reality anymore to talk nasty to yourself. Like most of you wouldn’t take a hammer and bash your fingers with it. We can pretty much assume that’s off the list. Yet you’ll bash yourself energetically by your little verbal voice all day long. It’s just not okay in the sense that it doesn’t get you anywhere.

So just stop is possible. And because you’re at such a higher level of consciousness dropping low vibrational patterns is so much easier because it really is like dropping a big heavy weight you’ve been dragging around. But if you say you idiot or you say oh shit, you set that boundary right away. No. Okay, wait. Stop. I don’t get to diss myself. Nobody disses me, I don’t diss myself. Period. So there’s another way to look at this and you just invite yourself to.

So it’s not like you get to have a double whammy of you said oh shit I dropped the orange juice. Oh dammit, I talked nasty to myself. Oh no, I dropped the orange juice and I talked nasty to myself. There’s no hope for me. Oh no, I’ve done it again. So please don’t play that game. It’s just okay I caught myself talking nasty to myself. That’s not going to help get this cleaned up and it’s not going to teach me anything that I don’t already know. I know very well how to talk nasty to myself, I’ve already learned that, I don’t need to learn it anymore.

Regardless of how challenging it feels, you still want:
Healing above all else

Do you have the courage to think about yourself? Continue Reading…

Empowered Evolution


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53 cards summarizing Eloheim’s tools for conscious living

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Eloheim Tools

Eloheim Tools  

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