It is really amazing to see the Eloheim teachings working in my day-to-day life. Here is a doozy of an example from last night!

Wow, what an interesting experience I had tonight. It started off rather simple. I was doing some laundry. I heard the dryer stop so I carried another load out to the machines and set the clothes on top of the dryer. I started removing the clothes from the dryer and realized that they were still wet. I had a moment of panic thinking that the machine might be broken, but caught myself and went into “what is this teaching me” mode. That completely changed the experience. I felt as though I ‘got bigger’ in some way. I clearly experienced having access to more than just my own thoughts.

I tried starting the machine again, but there was no response to my repeated pushing of the ON button. I remembered that when this had happened once before and my landlord has easily fixed it. I couldn’t remember WHAT he did, but I knew it was possible that there was a quick fix to be had.

This too is teaching me. Ask for inspiration.

I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in…no dice. Then, inspiration hit, maybe it was a fuse! Sure enough, when I opened the breaker box, one of the fuses was flipped. I slid it back and forth and gave the ON button another shot. Wallah! Clothes started getting dry. I left the laundry basket in the walkway to remind me to continue the laundry process once I returned from the channeling meeting. Sometimes I am a bit out of it after the meetings, so I knew this would be a great and needed reminder.

I went about getting ready for the meeting. I loaded up the car taking extra care to remember all the plugs for the camera and computer. I was very conscious during my preparation. I gathered some firewood so that I could get the room warm before everyone arrived. I had plenty of time to get it all ready. I had everything I needed.

Once the car was loaded, I went back in for my keys to lock up the house and get on my way.


I am quite habitual (yikes it is hard to even type that word these days) about where I put my keys. There is a hook by the door and that is where they go. I haven’t lost my keys in years. I don’t even think about it (yikes, again).

So, I look around….and I keep looking….and now I am going to be late to the meeting and still no keys. I had them yesterday when I came home from the store, maybe they are in the refrigerator or the freezer or in with the silverware or in my dresser drawer or …. I mean I LOOKED. Maybe they are under the couch, on the front porch, under the bathroom sink, in the garbage or the recycling ….. WHERE could they be?

While I was looking I was asking, What is this teaching me?

See, I KNOW I shouldn’t drive myself to the meetings. I haven’t driven myself to a Wednesday meeting for YEARS. I was just going to be stubborn and do it this week. I had convinced myself it would be OK. I won’t be THAT out of it.

Yeah right!

I knew I should have called for a ride or called a cab or SOMETHING, but I was being stubborn. I knew (was conscious) it wasn’t a good idea and now the keys are lost!

I also knew better than to try and get Eloheim to tell me where the keys were. I knew that they would just laugh at me. They might say something along the lines of, What are you Learning? and leave it at that. I knew what I was learning AND I knew if I found the keys I would ignore what I was learning, be stubborn, and drive myself anyway.

I called the cab company, they said it would be at least 20 minutes…. I called three people for a ride, couldn’t connect. It was getting later and later.

Now, I was LATE for the meeting and still stranded. Finally I got in touch with someone at the meeting who came and got me.

I wasn’t panicked, but concerns did arise. Most of my concerns fell into the category of “that’s my core emotion showing up again.” I was able to set those concerns aside quite easily (and that is extremely cool).

While I was waiting for my ride I looked around and asked, What is this teaching me? I really sank into the moment and the beauty of Sonoma at night. Thoughts/Concerns came up and I let them drop away with, ‘accept this moment.’

That was very, very, cool.

Eloheim, of course, had plenty to say about me losing my keys during the meeting.

Afterward, I arrived home and saw the laundry basket. Ah Ha! Good planning! I will check the dryer and start another load. I walked up to the laundry machine and moved the dirty clothes (which I had left there when the dryer had malfunctioned earlier) out of the way so I could access the washer.

Sure enough, there were my keys!

Now, there is absolutely no need for me to have keys to use the laundry. It is not a shared laundry facility, there isn’t even a door. I wouldn’t have needed my keys to get in the car as I don’t lock it while I am home. There is NO reason for my keys to be outside of the house unless I am actually going to drive my car and I hadn’t needed to drive my car in the last 24 hours.

How they found themselves outside under dirty laundry I will never know. The most interesting part is that IF the dryer hadn’t malfunctioned, I would have found the keys well before I needed them as those dirty clothes would have been been clean by then.

Wait, do you think the keys were there the whole time or did they just hide there until after the meeting? (Yikes, good thing I don’t need to answer THAT one!)

The bottom line is that the keys hid so that I could learn something.

What did I learn? Among other things:

Don’t drive yourself to the meeting. Ask and someone will pick you up, even if they have to drive across town to do it.

If the dryer stops working, check the fuse box before you decide it is broken.

When you know you have a plan of action that isn’t supporting your high vibrational state, reconsider the plan.

Soul’s are very clever!

I really love Sonoma and even when it is cold out it is still nice to go out and look at the view.

The whole experience wasn’t harder on me than it needed to be. I found the keys within 3 minutes of getting home. I am grateful for that. Who really wants to try and replicate your entire ring of keys? NOT ME!


Wow, I really have gone through a lot of transformation. Before Eloheim’s teachings I know I would have been completely triggered and made myself miserable in the process.

I was able to be conscious of the issues as they arose in me and deal with them in a much more balanced way. That sure is an easier way to live.

Thanks Eloheim!

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