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March, 2014

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Fred on the Levels, and Easy Isn’t the Point ~ 2014-02-26

This meeting was really two very different meetings in one. The first section was The Guardians, Visionaries and Eloheim discussing the idea that personal growth/spirituality “should be easier.” They put a tremendous amount of energy into explaining their views on this idea. It seemed to really shift the energy because it opened the door for Fred to come in and speak powerfully about his desire to teach us even more about the Levels of Creating and fractal living.

Watch or download the meeting recording.
February 26 ~ Sonoma

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Guardians: You are still asking, “why isn’t it easier?” Don’t look for easy. Easy give you: “this is not what I expected; this is wrong.” Instead, you can look for ease – which is moving through life without generating static, and being open to creativity and possibility.

Visionaries: When you are in discomfort, don’t say “this should be easy” and go to old familiar-suffering habits. Victim or creator? These are two different paths. Even when things go well, don’t rest in worry. Instead, rest in neutrally observing your surroundings, be fascinated by what you find, staying out of outcome, and staying in the new non-adrenaline feeling. The two paths feel very different. Don’t jump between them.

This “easy” idea usually has to do with life stuff, human stuff. At times, you can feel that living should be easier because you can feel overwhelmed, can feel like a victim. This is why we’ve given you tools. Break it down into smaller steps. Short factual statements. See where you can move things; find the movable piece. Continue Reading…

October, 2013

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Bliss is a state with no opposite ~ Leave duality! 9-25-2013

The September 25, 2013 session featured the entire Council. Eloheim revisited the Levels of Creating and explained how to incorporate non-duality and bliss with the levels. There is also an incredible discussion of how our relationship to uncertainty is evolving after the retreat.

Guardians: (Feels a rigidity in the attendees). You need to open the doors within you, as we can only go through the doors that are open. On the other side of your big thing are new things: opportunities, challenges – and uncertainty. Right now, it is like you are on a diving board springboard, the part that compresses on the last bounce, before jumping. You are standing in that place of compression but, even so, you don’t have to be tense. You can choose to be relaxed in uncertainty. You can be receptive. “I am willing; I am present; I am open”. Continue Reading…

September, 2013

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It’s all me. I see me in You. I am You.

Re-posted from http://lifeheartandsoulblog.wordpress.com/2013/09/26/its-all-me-i-see-me-in-you-i-am-you/

Thoughts on the most recent Eloheim meeting…..

Eloheim teaches about the levels of growth, the fractal levels that we move through as we grow towards Homo spiritus, and this week they did a review of those levels and brought up some new points.

A state with no opposite is a state outside of duality. This is where we are heading, Eloheim reminded us. The levels teach you how to live outside of duality. To use them, walk a situation up the levels. And be honest, deal with where you are because each level builds on the one before it.
Continue Reading…

April, 2013

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Fred shows us level 10 energy AGAIN!

Eloheim gave us all tips for handling Fred’s energy and then Fred did it again! WOW! If you missed the first time that Fred showed us the energy of levels 10 and up, learn more here. Continue Reading…

Fred Shows Us The Energy of Level 10 and Up ~ 2013-04-03

Wow, this meeting was SOMETHING! Fred decided to bring in the energy of the levels above level 10. I thought Fred was going to levitate my body. I don’t mean this in a joking way. I was saying “I am willing, I am willing” because it felt like I was going to levitate off the chair.

Here are some of the comments I’ve received:

As I watched you last night your form began to shift, bend and waver and I believed that you might actually change form! It was stunning to see!!! Continue Reading…

March, 2013

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When Will It Get Easier?

A powerful session!! The video clip below is one of my favorites. When will all of this spiritual growth get easier?

We will discuss this topic on our next radio show. Join us April 15th at 11:30am Pacific here. We will take your calls!!!!

Guardians: We are feeling something different: a sort of gathering up and an unfurling. All of you, in the morning, before the day begins, can make a request of the Council, to check in, to establish a point of view to start from, to set your emanation and a clear trajectory for the day. Point to your preferences. Point to integrate your soul’s perspective. Allow yourself to have insight during the day about each next step. Continue Reading…

Level 9 – The Choice-less Choice

The March 13th session featured a very funny Visionaries message followed by Eloheim explaining Level 9! Learn more about the levels here. Continue Reading…

February, 2013

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Weary Confidence on the Spiritual Journey ~ 02-06-2013

I chose the Visionaries for this week’s video clip. So powerful, so supportive. See video below.

Guardians: You are all very ready, willing and present. Even when we hint what’s ahead, you stay present. For if you rush off into the future, that brings up pre-conceived notions, which brings up static, which you then have to clear. Attentiveness to this moment allows us to help you more. For it is you who open the doors, and then we just walk through first.

Visionaries: Walking the path burns the ego off you. And we feel a weary confidence in you. You are confident that these things have been working, but you are weary that you have to keep working it. Focus on the feeling of confidence, the opportunities for ah-has. And let go of what makes you weary, which is the feeling that it should be changing faster, or look different than it is. The best example is weight-lifting: you keep adding challenges because you are not satisfied with anything less than your final goal, which is full en-soulment of the body. Leave “weary” behind by comparing you to you, and not to what you thought it would be like now, not to a made-up standard. Accept what IS in the moment because change starts with acceptance. It’s all about how you handle things inside. The external world can try to change you, but only you decide whether you go along with it or not. Build on what works. Continue Reading…

More On The Lies We Tell Ourselves ~ 1-30-2013

Guardians: Started by confirming that the internet viewers are energetically part of the meetings, and not mere observers. For our work together, what counts is your intention for transformation, and resting in the “I am willing” place. It’s about allowing whatever arises in you and exploring that. It’s about being willing to allow the truth of the moment to be fascinating to you. When you do all that, then you open the door to us. Continue Reading…

January, 2013

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The Big Lie We Tell Ourselves and Emanate To The World 1-23-2013

The Council stressed that, as we are going into new levels and into more powerful emanation, we need to continuously own our truth.

We send a wave of emanation out into the circle and we see what happens; we watch it move. Tonight, we sense a feeling of new horizons. You can see that something new is happening. Also be aware of the gift of this community, the ability to practice what you’ve been taught with each other. Grab the opportunity, and the experience, provided here.

Visionaries: You need to start from a higher place in order to go deeper into the levels. 2-5-8: 2 – victimhood, 5 – own your trigger 8 – watch that ownership move in the world. Continue Reading…



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