Hello everyone,
The Eloheim channeling of June 3, 2009 focused on the energies of June 2009. Eloheim has been telling us for some weeks now that June would be a powerful month of transformation.

This week they explained that the openings of June will allow us to start living from our Soul’s perspective.

This video is a portion of their opening talk where they share some of the ways things will change as we start living from our Soul’s perspective.

Everything becomes brand new because nothing has been experienced in this way. It is bit like saying you have run around this entire lifetime with a blindfold on. When you take off the blindfold everything is new.

Opening up to seeing things in a new way.

You have to continue to allow this transformed state presence in your system.

You are in a place where continuing in the habitual reactions….is just no longer as interesting as it used to be and it is certainly nowhere near as interesting as your Soul’s perspective is.

It is your birthright to live in Grace, Ease, and Bliss.

6-3-09 85 minutes
The connection between us all and the repercussions of every action on the ALL. Gaining awareness of these effects from a soul’s perspective.
All things seem brand new and fresh and alive!! Commit to the truth of YOU.
The only thing that’s common between all people is the need to breath. No amount of proof can change this. If their perception of reality doesn’t embrace an idea, it cannot be true for them, it will be false and they will block out any proof offered.
When you are asking for insight-you are not asking to think-you are asking for something new. A new way to BE, not what can I DO, but a new way to BE.
Connecting to your guides BEFORE you NEED them is advised.

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