Hello everyone,
We had a wonderful event on 10-10-10. It started off with a potluck which always delights Eloheim.

The meeting began with an introduction by The Visionaries. Eloheim answered questions and ended the meeting by introducing a new tool: The Strongest Chakra.

I have received multiple emails about this new tool and how powerfully it is already working in people’s lives. It sure is helping me!

This week’s video is a review of the tool: Short Factual Statements. Eloheim feels this is the most powerful tool they have given us recently and this is a great review of how it works.

The list of questions answers during the meeting is below

10-10-10 ~ 93 minutes ~ October Q&A

The meeting included an introduction by the Visionaries, Eloheim answering questions, and Eloheim introducing a new tool for relating to others.

Some of the Questions Answered During the Meeting:

I’ve been focusing on just one thing, as you suggested, that one thing being money. Using short, factual statements I surprised myself to find that nothing negative came up. So where do I go from here to create more money? How do I focus on magnetizing rather than doing?

I have been having a intense burning behind my right shoulder for the past week randomly through out the day, every day, and my best friend is also experiencing this as well. We are wondering, what you can feel about this? The pain is mild burning that then intensifies.

What is the 10-10-10 energy? I would like some clarification.

I’ve decided to make a radical change in my life a few weeks ago concerning my financial situation. I started to shift my old beliefs, my focus of attraction so drastically to create a new reality that is more to my liking. I feel like something is shifting in a positive way. I had to work a lot to clear out all the fears and triggers. And I am wondering if you, Eloheim, can see the shift I have made healing this core emotion.

I’m living without restraint, or edit, when it comes to my conversation, commitment, wishes, and passion with a man that I just met. It feels nice. I am completely breaking every age old rule here and dancing on their graves. What do you think of my throwing caution to the wind, breaking the age old male/female rules, and enjoying life without control or a finger holding the top on the kettle?
I’m consciously engaged in a new wonderful depth of life and living. I do have a bit of a physical drag in the mix. Dear Eloheim, would you help me open, love, and let go of my chest and head congestion?

No real question, just basically want to get a feel for where I am at. From your earlier statement, should I entertain any specific ideas or just leave it wide open, which I am not sure I know how to do?

I am having a private session with you next weekend and I was wondering if there is anything that I can do to prepare for it?

Lately, some very motherly feelings have been awakened in me, especially around my younger brother (13) and the baby my sister just found out she’s having. Even though I’m not very close with my sister and wasn’t around when she was trying to get pregnant, I have a feeling like I helped bring this child into being. I feel a special connection to this potential child—what can you tell me about it and all my warm motherly feelings in general?

I would like a little clarification as to what is meant when it is that you are allowing in and accessing your soul’s perspective. Trying not to be too mental and breaking old habits.


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