Hello everyone!
The meeting of October 6, 2010 revealed a new portal. The Council described our ability to have a new relationship to triggers. I clipped out the Visionaries section for this week’s YouTube video because, let’s face it, when it comes to laying out the details of something new, they are the best!

Trigger = Opportunity. Evolving your spiritual outlook! You are looking at the opportunity to experience triggers as the great friends they are.

10-6-10 ~ 89 minutes

Guardians: Opened the meeting by reminding us of our ability to use the moment to as an opportunity to connect more deeply, and that there is much to be gained at this time from participating with the completeness of you.

Visionaries: Expanded on what the Guardians said and talked about triggers. Our relationship to our triggers is changing, has changed, and will continue to change and evolve. And the new measure by which we will recognize the ascension path is our changed relationship to triggers.

Eloheim: Discussed and expanded on the new portal opening as another flight of stairs to the next landing. The new relationship that you form to triggers is a way to relate to yourself more deeply, and become a better friend to yourself. When you get to a point where your triggers don’t freak you out, you will not be in suffering anymore.

The Girls: Talked about experiencing even mundane moments. When you skip from big deal to big deal to big deal, you end up skipping from trigger to trigger to trigger—or from the other shoe is going to drop, the other shoe is going to drop, if you’re having fun. But if you can delight in what you consider the mundane, you end up filling in those spots between those peaks or between those valleys.

Warrior: Continues his story, this time going back to see the king about a personal problem the king is having. The story illustrates the point: Emanate the truth of you and make sure the relationships you’re in support that truth.

Fred: Popped in quickly to say that as you process triggers in a new way, remember to take the extra step to remind yourself if it’s overwhelming to slow the flow into the portal rather than change the shape of the portal.

Matriarch: The Matriarch closed by saying that you have the opportunity to know the oneness of all through exploring the completeness of you.


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