Hello everyone,
The November Q&A with Eloheim was a lot of fun. Mary did something different with the set up. She added a second computer to the mix.

A little bit of background. Part of the webcast software is a chat board. During the Q&A we use the chat board for two things: 1. It allows the folks on the Q&A to talk to each other and 2. it allows Eloheim to ask for clarification/details on the questions which are submitted. In the past, Eloheim would ask for clarification, the answer would be typed into the chat, and then Mary would read it to Eloheim.

Since we had two computers this time, Eloheim could watch the chat board while the meeting was going on which changed the dynamic of the meeting quite a lot.

This was fascinating in several ways:
1. Eloheim can read easily, but doesn’t seem to retain what they read. If the comment was longer than a sentence or so, they didn’t seem to remember the beginning by the time they got to the end. HINT for next time: Keep your comments brief!

2. This ties into the first comment, Eloheim is not a good master of ceremonies! They get energetically drawn into whatever they are reading about. Sometimes people would mistakenly add their question to the chat instead of submitting it by email. This was quite confusing. I had to remind Eloheim, “Tell them to email the question, the chat is only for follow ups or clarifications.” HINT for next time: actually a request, please only submit questions by email so that it is less confusing.

3. Even with these small challenges, it was way more fun to have both computers. I feel it was more intimate for Eloheim to read the chat directly rather than needing Mary to read it out loud. We will get it streamlined with a bit more practice. I hope you enjoyed it as well! If you have never joined us for a Q&A, please consider doing so. We have a lot of fun.


I get really bad frequent migraines; have done for over 20 yrs. I’ve tried everything me and other mortals can think of, but still they keep coming… from a variety of triggers. I can only conclude that there must be something more for me to learn from this before I can release this once and for all. I would love to never have another one for as long as I live. Now that would be heavenly!

I just started a new job, and since it is more complex than I encountered before, all my fears of not being adequate, past failures, and non-competence are surfacing. Could you, please help me to change the energetics to success, and feeling of empowerment. Thank you very much!

You guys are so great! Ever since 2004 when my husband was diagnosed with cancer it seems as if all I do is take care of cleaning up family messes. Friday my daughter was late for work and smacked into another one of my cars parked in the driveway. I’m not angry but it’s just getting tiresome having to dealing with a 6 year long string of stuff like this. When is it going to get fun?

I would love any insight you could give me about the odd physical symptoms I am having…tingling, odd feelings on right side of body….pain in joints etc…..

Since the first time I picked up a Nintendo controller in the mid 80’s, I have had a hard time managing the time I spend playing video games. This has caused some strain on the relationships I’ve had, which include friends, family, and significant others. I’ve managed to find balance on this issue somewhat recently, but while I can control the frequency in which I engage in this activity, once I start there is a small part of me that is always insisting on one more level, one more song or setlist, etc, etc. During our one-on-one session over the phone, my unhealed core emotion was revealed to be “am I just going to watch?”, which makes sense as it applies to the past since playing games was perhaps the one thing that was truly interactive to me, but presently, I still feel that it is interfering with some of the things I am really wanting to get accomplished.

While working on loving myself more and trying to keep that subject in the foreground of my thoughts throughout the day so that I can catch when I am NOT loving myself and when I am creating experiences where other people or situations are reflecting back to me that I am not loving myself……I came across this thought and was wondering what you can tell me about it. I noticed that when other people do or say something to you that is not very kind or loving it stings and you can feel very easily…but when I am thinking thoughts or doing things that are not very loving to myself you really can’t even notice your doing it. So my question is why is that you feel when other people do something to you….but you don’t when you do it to yourself…… which when other people do it…that’s just a reflection back to you of you doing it to yourself.

To clarify about the differences in the levels of creation we discussed yesterday about the tiredness, it seems that some things in our lives are created by default and necessarily on purpose like the limitations of the human body. So how does that fit in because I consider manifesting outside the default mass consciousness to be a conscious creation. How I am supposed to know what is a default creation versus a creation for my learning? As per yesterday, I always thought my tiredness was a byproduct of this human form and not something I am creating on purpose.

You talked about strong chakras recently – do I have one???

I am having some boundary energetics. My Father wants to live alone again and is making grandiose plans that he is repeating obsessively. Is there anything I could focus on when my Father chooses to repeat his plans verbally over and over? I truly wish to encourage his independence here, and my attitude is fluid though resistance is present. What am I missing here?

I know you say money doesn’t buy happiness but it would be nice to still have some money left over at the end of the month. The “abundance chant” doesn’t seem to be helping. I would REALLY like to know why I’m stuck here.

Can you tell me about one of the things that my soul wanted to experience before I came here? That I don’t know about

What is my power [most powerful] chakra? How I could use it more to advance?

I am interested in comparing me to me at this time, please – thank you


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