Eloheim and The Council focused the meeting of September 1, 2010 on the “Popcorn Shift” we are in right now.

The Guardians began to work with us non-verbally, the Visionaries focused on working with our Shadow, Eloheim answered questions and focused on how we love ourselves, the Girls further described how loving ourselves offers a changed energetic to the world, the Warrior continued their story explaining more about handling fear and transforming the survival instinct, Fred spoke about the intensity of living from the Soul’s perspective, and the Matriarch led a closing meditation.

Here is Eloheim describing the popcorn shift:

What we’re talking about is almost a sense of creating a reservoir of appreciation so that when you start into the soul’s perspective and the intensity that brings, you will have a cushion within yourself. Because the soul’s perspective is not bunnies and rainbows. Again, there is a huge amount of information, a huge amount of skills, a huge amount of intensity and, we think it was the Visionaries who said it last week, you’re going from a kernel of popcorn to a popped popcorn. There’s no in between stage.

There’s that kernel of popcorn and then boom, it’s full. And this is how we see change happening in your life right now. There’s no middle ground. So there is no easing into it. That’s why we stopped and were on the landing. Remember we had those weeks and you guys kind of got a little bored, don’t try to hide it from us, we know the truth. You’re like, oh, this landing thing. When are we going to start walking up the stairs? Well, part of why we had to be on the landing for a while was to rejuvenate and get some energy back in your bodies and give you guys a little bit of foundation because up the next set of stairs means, poof, that popcorn thing. And because there is no in between stage to those two states, all of a sudden it’s one way and then all of a sudden it’s another way. And what we’re trying to help you with is ways to handle all of a sudden things being radically different.

One of the ways to handle it, as we mentioned, is to give yourself this reservoir of appreciation so you can fall back on the idea of yeah, “Everything is changing and I really have no idea what’s going on my life, but God I can still be in nature and appreciate myself in nature. I can still be out with friends or whatever.”


This week’s video clip is the Girls talking about how to build the reservoir of appreciation.


Remember, the soul has no concept of existing in a space that doesn’t include infinite and unlimited self-love. So, part of the way you bring in the soul’s perspective is by shifting your relationship to how you love yourself to more closely align with the soul’s way of loving itself.

9-1-10 ~ 70 minutes

Visionaries: Discussed non-verbal communication between the Guardians and the group. Loving self and working with shadow. Asking for clarity instead of certainty.

Eloheim: Where do I love myself? After working with shadow for a while, it is important and necessary to find aspects of yourself that you love. How to work with your body to remind it of balance.

The Girls: Acknowledging your love of self, even in small things, builds a reservoir to draw on.

Warrior: Continued the story of Eric; this week, we discover Eric’s greatest fear and how he might be able to deal with it consciously.

Fred: Dealing with the physical body’s fear reactions to the open portal between you and your soul’s perspective.


Audio recordings of the six meetings held in September, 2010


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