Wednesday night included a wide range of topics. The overall subject was: Emanating the truth of you and loving yourself completely. The Visionaries talked powerfully about, “Where don’t I love myself?” Eloheim answered questions about the disappearance of the honey bees and the flooding in Pakistan. In response to several requests, Eloheim further addressed their teachings about Feelings are NOT Emotions. I clipped that section for the YouTube video.


If you find yourself in a place that you can’t love and you shift that, boy is that a big compare YOU to YOU!

The thing that you don’t love about you is the doorway to the next levels of your spiritual growth.

What do I carry with me? How do I see myself experiencing home?


8-25-10 ~ 88 minutes

Visionaries: Emanating the truth of you, and allowing yourself to see the places where you feel you cannot love yourself. Where do you not love yourself? Allowing yourself awareness of your shadow places does not mean that you have to fix them, but will give you the gift of releasing the façade of “I can’t love myself because….” A discussion of how short, factual statements can be an excellent tool to work with shadow places.

Eloheim: The concept of home. Examining it as a first-chakra paradigm. Do you carry your stability, strength, security in your body, or do you expect your outside world to give it to you? Also, a short discussion of the difference between feelings and emotions.

The Girls: When you look at the idea of what you don’t love about yourself and figure out whatever it is and then she sit with it, it changes. Sitting with it changes it. And it is absolutely not about you having to fix it.

Warrior: Continues the story of Eric, illustrating making choices and knowing that your creations are your own, and that nothing comes to you from outside of you.

Fred: The true nature of your infinite, and immortal self resides just a breath away in any moment, and it exists for you to access at any time.

Matriarch: When you find yourself triggered or confused, you just say, “It’s possible there’s more here.”


Audio from the five meetings held in August, 2010


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Randy asked Eloheim about the vanishing honey bees during the 8-25-10 meeting. She created this powerful video from their response: