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June, 2013

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GUILT and SHAME – Conversation w/ Eloheim


Conversations with Eloheim: GUILT and SHAME

16 Questions Answered in this 40 minute conversation – #3 in the Conversations Series

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Questions answered:

Relationship to self

Guilt seems to be my second nature. How can I be sure that I am acting from a place of choice as opposed to guilt? Continue Reading…

May, 2013

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Your Favorite Familiar Suffering ~ 5-8-2013

The study of familiar suffering contained in this session has been so helpful for me. I found myself right back in my favorite familiar suffering – disappointment – yesterday and realized I needed to re-listen to Eloheim explain how to shift that energy. Vital information for navigating out deepest habits. Continue Reading…

October, 2012

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Overview of Eloheim’s Teachings

August 12, 2009
A person attending the group for the first time asked Eloheim to summarize their teachings.

Eloheim: The primary thing is we are all about choosing for consciousness and exploring within yourself places that you’re unconscious, where you’re habitual, where fears are running their patterns. And as you choose for consciousness, a couple of different things happen.

One, you start using a different part of your brain. As you start using a different part of your brain it starts sending different signals into your physical form. Those different signals that are being sent to the physical form start to give you more control over how your body presents, how your body experiences the world. Also, as you choose for consciousness you raise your vibration, and by raising your vibration you make yourself more closely matched to your soul’s energetic. And by getting the past and the future out of the moment, you allow yourself that space we talked about for your soul’s insight to come in and give you access to the Akashic Records, so you don’t have to run your lifetime based on your limited mind, but you can run your lifetime based on the soul’s information. Continue Reading…

September, 2012

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The Funniest Session Ever! ~ 2012-09-26

Was this this funniest session ever? Folks seem to think so! Plus, there’s enough information in this meeting to fill four meetings!

The Guardians asked us to go even deeper into our center, closer to the truth of the moment, deeper into the layers of “I am willing.” Being in this deeper level allows expansion. You experience you experiencing the moment.

The Visionaries emphasized the reality of chaos from here on out, of change, of the possibility of experiencing the “new” in every moment. The one thing you can do, the real doorway to your freedom, is to choose your reactions. Choose and choose again. We are in the rapids now; this is chaotic, rapid time. The tools of “eyes open” and of “fact, fact, fact” leave room for empty space and insight. Includes a very funny analogy of riding in a boat on a river!
Continue Reading…

August, 2012

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Incredible Feedback After Private Session With Eloheim

On December 19th I had a session with Eloheim where I got to work out what my core emotion is for this lifetime. Wow! Talk about eye opening! It was definitely an Ah-ha moment. Just from asking some key questions, Eloheim was able to put together the core emotion from my answers. It was like getting the most important pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Once they are in place you can see the big picture. Looking over the past 46 years, I can see how my core emotion has been managing my relationships with family, friends and even my pets. I could sense there was a pattern, but I couldn’t figure out to make things better or even what the issue really was. Because of this session, I now know what I need to work on and how to address it so that I can be more successful in my relationships. Because of my work with Eloheim, I now have a mantra that reminds me of my past patterns involving my core emotion and allows me to step outside the pattern and do things in a better, healthier way. It’s almost a relief, because it feels as if I have moved to a different level that involves more self love, and that is okay. My session with Eloheim couldn’t have come at a better time. I had been struggling with some friendships that had run their course. After this session, I was able to make the decision to move on in a healthy positive way. Thank you Eloheim for all your help, and thank you Veronika for having the courage to bring Eloheim to us.

TP – Medford, OR

Another testimonial:

Incredible feedback after a private session with Eloheim on a SATURDAY

Hi, Veronica,

During my chat with Eloheim yesterday we talked about an ongoing issue with my right shoulder and arm — pain and limited movement for several months. They suggested this is related to letting go of work (retiring) and that I should imagine a long glove of energy going from the tips of my fingers up my entire arm and over my shoulder. They further recommended imagining stripping that off and dissolving it, layer by layer if necessary. After the call I tried to do a visualization of stripping the glove off. I actually fell asleep and normally I do not take naps. When I woke up my arm had improved. This morning I became aware of a buzzing sensation around the affected shoulder and it was even more improved from yesterday. Continue Reading…

January, 2012

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Levels of Creation ~ How to Create Your NEW Life 12-28-2011

Lately, each meeting has been about the intense exploration of the deeper levels of creation and the mastery of the survival instinct. The Council is explaining how we can move in the world in a new way using freewill as we interact with our creations.

The Guardians and Visionaries reminded us that there is a WISDOM greater than our mind within each of us which we need to listen to, for the mind tries to limit us. The body will help us in KNOWING that wisdom as we tap into insights from the soul.

Eloheim further discussed in detail (using white board demonstration ) The Levels of Creation. (video below)

Level 1 is – Duality.

Level 2 is – Victim hood, hamster-wheel mind, rat in the maze; feeling like you are a victim of limited choices. Unconscious level two reactions create entanglements – connection to a dynamic/person in an unhealthy way.

Level 3 is – I Create my Reality (and it – usually – sucks.) We often don’t understand why we created it. Level three does offer more to explore.

Level 4 is – I Take Responsibility for my Reactions to my Creations. Knowing that, “I created this and I take responsibility for how I react to it.”

Level 5 is – This Trigger is Mine. “My soul and I collaborated on this experience, and I want all the learning from it.” Taking complete responsibility for the opportunity go deeper into the knowing of yourself. Fascination, which arises from self-love, helps us to abide in the discomfort of uncertainty where we are able to uncover the gift of the trigger. Level 5 is also a resting place where we can become aware of our unconscious entanglements.

Level 6 is – What Trigger? Stimulus occurs, and we don’t perceive it as trigger because we are able to embody “what is, IS.”

Levels 7 through 10 – Include exploration of oneness, mastery of the survival instinct, quantum shifting, control of time, and instantaneous manifestation, with level 10 being the ability to leave the body and come back at will.

In every experience, every moment, we are choosing a level of awareness.

Eloheim explained that next resting place is Level 5, which is abiding in uncertainty as we claim our triggers in self-love and fascination for self exploration. Fixation on outcome puts us in duality and limitation. Uncertainty moves us through the levels of infinite probabilities. All probabilities exist equally, though we tend to observe (interact with) probabilities that don’t trigger the survival instinct and that match our current vibratory level.

The Girls reminded us that we have to abide in self-love in order to experience Level 5 awareness.

Fred encouraged us by expressing their love and confidence in us that though it is NOT easy, we CAN and WILL do it.

The Warrior asked us to bring those triggers which make us the most uncomfortable and fearful really close. He reminded us that the trigger is giving us everything that we need to grow in just the way we wanted to grow, that we are following just the plan that we and our souls wanted to have, and that we should bring the trigger close to us and love the it deeply as it is a part of our wholeness.

The Matriarch encouraged us to take each step with fascination, intention, and attention and to allow our freewill combined with our soul’s perspective to move us towards the direction of our desires.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in December, 2011


Price: $8.99

December, 2011

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December Q&A with Eloheim ~ Partnership and much more!

Questions answered 12-18-2011

Using your example of levels and our fields of probability, it occurs to me that if I want something say at level 4 but I see the rest of the world as level one then the predominant probability level in my field is level one with some level twos and a couple of level threes to which I have access to and level 4 might not be there at all but if I change the predominant level in which I see the world to say level 3 then I would have less level twos and even fewer level ones and more level 4s and maybe even some level 5s in there as well and so my level 4 desire would be that much more available to choose. Is that accurate and do you have any comments about that?

What does sex and sexual energy expression look like in the fractal living higher levels, what does the expression of the self in these areas mean to our journey deeper within consciousness. What does an orgasm look like energetically?

I would like to know what my strongest and weakest chakras are and how the recent change has affected them.

I definitely feel I have been working on the bottom of the barrel stuff and have provided myself wow and fascination with looking at romantic relationships- including how I emanate to others, why I tend to pull back my energy and eliminating the equal sign that a man should provide financially (even though I am 40 and provide for myself). At some point I really would like to meet a man that I can have a ‘spooky’ relationship with, as well as, spiritual conversations. Is there more insight you can provide me regarding my habits and baggage around romantic relationships? ANSWERED IN VIDEO BELOW

I was visiting my brother in Canada over the Thanksgiving long weekend. One night, at 3am someone banged 3 times very loudly on the garage door, and when my brother jumped up to check, no one was there. He figured it was just kids playing around although nothing like that has ever happened before. So now I am curious – was that me, perhaps in an alternate time-stream, trying to get my attention?

I’ve been feeling very disorientated and disorganized this month, please take a look at my energy and let me know what you see.

I have a question about compassion. I have always had strong compassion in general for all people and all things… for what “most people” would normally deem victims but ALSO for the perpetrators as well. I feel compassion for the criminals and even the extreme cases…for an example when they tried Saddam Hussein for his crimes.. I felt a lot of compassion for him. So I feel it on both ends and it’s such a strong feeling for me that I know if I could balance the energy of it then I think it could become a powerful experience in a positive healing way. I have always considered it a gift I just want to know how to mold it for its full positive effect. Also, why is it so strong in me?

I continue to try to drop the feeling of lack – lack of money especially, even though I have enough. I set my intention and express my desire to feel safe but it pops up constantly. And because my lack keeps popping up I even feel lack of control. Can I trust that if I continue to set my intention to feel safe in these areas it will eventually change?

I have a very bad situation with my teeth. I am losing bone in my mouth and because of that I am losing my teeth. I already lost a few teeth. However, I am getting dreams where I am getting new set of teeth. I would like to what you ‘see’ as far as this situation is concerned and what I can do objectively.

I appear to be experiencing writers block. Nothing new, has happened before, usually goes away but this feels somehow different. Why is that? Am I barking up the wrong tree?

My income was wiped out overnight a couple of months ago why did I create that and what can I do about it?

There was also a question about self-esteem.

Audio from all five channeling sessions held in December, 2011


Price: $8.99

Quantum Mechanics and the Spiritual Journey ~ 12-14-2011

In this fascinating and profound session Eloheim explained how their nine years of teachings relate to Quantum mechanics. A Nova program which highlights scientific discoveries on quantum mechanics is available here http://video.pbs.org/video/2167398185/

The session began with the Guardians and the Visionaries discussing the importance of attentiveness and how it ties into Eloheim’s discussion. The current focus of The Council is to help us integrate the energetics Fred is facilitating, the alternative levels we can access, the new ways that we can experience ourselves , and living from the truth of oneness in the 3D reality.

Eloheim went on to describe how the fact “we are all one” is provable in quantum mechanics though can only be directly experienced through the spiritual journey as the brain is a limited tool for the direct experience of quantum state of being.

You are consciously experiencing quantum mechanics through emanation, script holding, freewill, and creating your reality.

Here are some interesting highlights from Eloheim on the topic:

Because “certainty” does not exist at the particle level the quantum world gives us the opportunity to explore the unknowable.

Particles know they are one. When two particles decide to entangle and act out their oneness, if one particle changes the other will change as well no matter how apart they are physically.

That means if a person realizes she/he is all one with everything, then her/his decisions affect ALL. Knowing this fact about the nature of the particles can help us to be open for the experience of Oneness as a State of Being.

This is “spooky action at a distance” at work. As we realize oneness, we can create beyond the idea of script holding.

Freewill is the act of observation. Just by observing (realizing) the resultant state of what we desire, it can exist in our reality.

Further they encouraged us to explore level one experiences in fascination so that we can observe it from higher levels and have direct impact on our creations as we change the way we observe them.

This Session is very insightful for anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of creating reality.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in December, 2011


Price: $8.99

September, 2011

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September Q&A with Eloheim – List of Questions Answered

We had a wonderful Q&A with Eloheim. Eloheim took the opportunity to include a long discussion of the heart chakra and a preview of the work we will do on the root chakra.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in September 2011


Price: $8.99

Questions answered 9-18-2011

Please talk to me about the energy of my addictive patterns – especially with food, shopping and smoking. In particular I would like to give up smoking now because I feel it no longer is the truth of me and yet there seems to be many fears about letting it go.

For what purpose did I choose to endow my personality (current and alternative ones too) with the strong dislike of children? What was I hoping to learn from this? I have a crop of theories about this but I’d like to hear what you have to tell me about me.

I would love to shift completely into my heart and be able to very consistently live life from that space, navigating from my heart, from my higher self and intuitive knowing. I am feeling challenged with this, and yet it seems the key to everything for me. Do you have some guidance for me in how to help myself get there? I do various spiritual practices, meditation, energy hygiene with myself, etc. What am I missing on this?

I would like your advice on how to deal with my new boss. He has owned his construction company for the past 30 years and I’ve been working there for 5 months. I am the only female on a staff of 20 men. He pushes my buttons and boundaries by yelling at me for something he thinks I’ve done wrong, when I haven’t, then he usually ends it by cursing at me and then hangs up or walks away. I feel inadequate and like I’m 8 years old again. I usually close down, go speechless and don’t say anything at all. After a few minutes I get angry and then act very cold towards him when I have to interact with him. There is no going back and re-visiting any of this with him, he doesn’t want to hear it. Now I am constantly walking on eggshells around him because I am not sure what I am going to be blamed for or yelled at next.

Does this no more blueprint thingy have any impact on our ability to manifest? Best thing for me to focus on now?

What’s stopping me from organizing myself and decluttering my space? I seem to be shuffling paper all the time and somehow I know I am stopping myself from getting on with things that I say I want to do, such as doing my website.

Now that I am divorced and have moved and have been at my job for 6 months …I have a strong urge in me that I want more for myself and I deserve more. My job is good for me because of the pay and now I want a job that’s good for me because I have passion for it. I want more and am uncertain about what that MORE is. I want a new job and can’t find anything that I am passionate about to point me in the right direction. The only thing that I currently have passion for is consciousness studies. Can you look at my energy and see if I am showing you anything that would give me some direction or uncover a passion I may be overlooking.

I am having difficulty expressing a constructive comment to one of my Father’s caretakers. The caretaker is short and strong using his strength to lift my father in his chair with a non-verbal reprimand expressed toward my father’s recurring squirming and bad posture. The caretaker is not fluent in English, and he cares for another tall male who does not understand language anymore. I am hesitant to talk to his employer before approaching him. What is my static and internal conflict here?

If you don’t feel you were nurtured…. 9-21-2011

Today’s clip from the September 21, 2011 meeting is Eloheim being as intense as I can recall.

This is just a few moments from an incredible 80 minute session.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in September 2011


Price: $8.99



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