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Our meeting on January 19, 2011 began with the Guardians doing energy work on everyone. They see us “bringing forth a whole presentation of your energetic structure.”

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The Visionaries noted that “fear is so strong and so limiting and so familiar to you all that it can be present without your awareness.” They continued, “You don’t have to have a solution! You just have to be aware of what IS! Be aware of the truth of the moment where it is possible for the truth of you to be known. What judgments do I have about the truth I find myself in?”

Eloheim asked people to speak about their reactions to the previous meeting. The video clip this week is Eloheim responding to an inquiry about heartbreak. “Your relationship to change is really under the microscope at this time.” Eloheim also indicated that there seems to be “something cooking” for the first part of March and suggested that March 9th might be an especially important meeting.

The Girls reminded us “What better way to stay in the fear-based operating system than to be mean to you, what better way to backtrack the work you have done than to be cruel to you in that way.”

The Warrior jumped ahead five years in their story. They spent time catching us up on the events which have transpired and left off by saying they will be speaking about community in the coming weeks.

Fred…Fred was Fred. “We want you on a steady progression of transformation that feels like it meets your needs and it gives you opportunity.” They also got all happy with the fact that they got to experience ‘holding it’ as I needed to use the bathroom.

The Matriarch expressed how much we are loved. It was awesome.

You can watch the video replay or listen to the audio recording by following the links below.

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Audio from each of our five meetings held in January, 2011


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Guardians: Opened the meeting by urging us to be present and centered.

Visionaries: Talked about discovering unconscious fears by applying consciousness (awareness) to our experiences. They urged us to allow ourselves to experience the moment rather than being triggered into constantly trying to find solutions. When you find yourself in a conundrum, it helps if you allow yourself the knowledge of the truth of it without demanding that somehow you come up with the solution to it.

Eloheim: Further discussion of last week’s “whiteboard meeting,” and how the concepts played out during the week. Deep analysis of the differences between the consciousness-based operating system and the fear-based operating system, and why it is so challenging to move from one to the other.

The Girls: Referenced last week’s meeting and the drawing of a circle (fear reaction) bouncing off a triangle (conscious reaction) representing what happens when we try use the fear-based operating system with the consciousness-based operating system. Advised us to use the phrase “I bounced” when we go into unconsciousness. Recognizing that we’re being unconscious brings us more consciousness.

Warrior: Started on a new chapter of their story, picking up five years after they last spoke with us. Brought us up to date on their family and what’s going on in their lives, and began their discussion of community.

Fred: Told us about their New Year’s resolution to be more clear in their use of language with us, and reminded us to allow ourselves to slow the flow of energy into our crown chakras when it feels too intense.